• Abstract Painting
  • With Led Lights
  • Abstract-mixed-media-2-18x26-inches
  • Abstract-mixed-media-3-18x26-inches
  • Abstract-mixed-media-5-framed24x26-inches
  • Abstract-mixed-media-7-18x36-inches
  • Acryclic-mixed-media-8-30x30-inches
  • Acrylic-painting-abstract-colours-of-the-earth-27x27-inches
  • Dried leaves in water
  • Flicker witch
  • Knife oil painting scenery 1 (22x30inches)
  • Knife-oil-painting-7-18x26-inches
  • Knife-oil-painting-24x24-inches
  • knife-oil-painting-scenery-3-22x30-inches
  • knife-painting-6-joy-of-simple-life-24x36-inches
  • Oil-painting-abstract-27x27-inches
  • Oil-painting-Guitarman-16x20-inches
  • oil-painting-lost-in-rain-24x24inches
  • Oil-painting-resurruction-abstract-18x26-inches
  • Oil Painting Waves

I paint because it brings me joy… It’s a creative journey in the fast lane. I am an artist who focuses on shape, colour and design to create paintings with a sense of play, joy or beauty. Art helps me find simplicity in the sublime, and complexity in the mundane. I hope you enjoy my work. I paint many subjects and use palette knife for the texture and energy it brings to the canvas and evoke an emotional response to ‘sense of place’. I use several different medium, in various sizes and colours. I hope you enjoy viewing my work. I strive for the drama in a landscape .Oil painting engages me in a practice that requires diligence, patience and commitment.

Mixed media