Outdoor Event Decor

  • Outdoor Arrangement for Reception
  • CMC Vellore Wedding Reception
  • CMC Vellore Wedding Reception
  • CMC Vellore Wedding Reception
  • St. Andrews Kirk Wedding Reception
  • Green Meadows Pre Wedding
  • Light Decorations
  • Outdoor Arrangements
  • Floral Decoration for outdoor Event

If you’re having an outdoor event or wedding, you’ve got hundreds of options for decorations right at your disposal. Use the backdrop that nature provides as your setting. Your focal point can be a fountain, an archway or even a pretty tree. If you’re choosing a destination where you will set up a tent, the sky is literally the limit. Use what is around you as part of your ready-made décor.

What we do….

  • Start With Greenery
  • Go With a Theme
  • Dress It Up With Flowers & Drapes
  • Give it a Glow

There’s something special about an outdoor event…. we will use some techniques that we often use in Our Events and that will definitely help transform your event.

Lighting doesn’t means flooding the room with brightness; it means managing colours of light and its intensity in room, highlight the things you want to be seen eg.table centerpiece, floral arrangement, entrance, etc. after all ambience is all important.

we offer

  • Stage
  • Backdrop
  • Lighting
  • Food canopy/counters
  • Tables & Chairs
  • Tents
  • Barricades